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"Creative, strange, brilliantly performed stuff"
- The Scotsman

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CASUAL VIOLENCE are (L-R) Luke Booys, David Arrondelle, Greg Cranness, Alex McCallum and James Hamilton - a triple award winning UK sketch and character comedy team. Their shows and films are written by James, and developed / with additional material by the whole team.
A critically acclaimed live act for over a decade, Casual Violence created and performed more than a dozen original theatre shows, performing to sold out audiences and rave reviews. 


"Casual Violence cannot be commended highly enough for making sketch comedy great

again... Ludicrously inventive... explosively original". ★★★★★ - ThreeWeeks

These shows - including CHOOSE DEATH, A KICK IN THE TEETH, HOUSE OF NOSTRIL, THE GREAT FIRE OF NOSTRIL, OM NOM NOMINOUS, SLOW FADE TO BLEAK and THE GROT IN THE GROTTO - won and were nominated for several awards, including two nominations for the prestigious Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality. 

"Whatever you’re doing right now, stop it. Go and Google ‘Casual Violence,’ watch their sketches and enjoy. This comedy troupe are dark, twisted and superb". ★★★★★ - The Skinny

Casual Violence performed across the country - regulars at the Edinburgh Fringe's famed Pleasance Courtyard, their shows frequently sold out, and were hosted at some of the UK's most renowned theatres, including regular performances at the Soho Theatre on the West End. 

"This generation's answer to Monty Python... a fantastic lesson in how to write sketch comedy... surreal brilliance... accomplished and charismatic".  ★★★★★ - Broadway Baby

Alongside their live shows, Casual Violence made more than thirty sketches and short films with their director & filmmaking partner J.W. ROBERTS. They also featured on an award-nominated episode of BBC Radio 4's SKETCHORAMA, and made beloved podcast series HECTOR VS THE FUTURE (2016), featuring characters spun off from their live shows.  

"Another outstanding show by Casual Violence... masters of dark, suspenseful and witty comedy". ★★★★★ - Brighton Argus


Casual Violence's final ever live performance in October 2019 - HANG THE SUITS, a sold out show of all their best sketches from over a decade of collaboration - was so good that shortly after, someone released a deadly virus designed to ensure no more live comedy could ever be performed again. Uh oh! 

"Exquisitely imaginative... Stepping into a Casual Violence show is a lot like entering Arkham Asylum..." ★★★★  - Fest

In 2021, Casual Violence began developing their most ambitious project to date - MURDER FOR DUMMIES, a new web series, which is currently in pre-production and due for release in 2023. 


"Fantastically well-scripted and clever... extremely exciting... James Hamilton and Casual Violence deserve massive success".  ★★★★★ - The Reviews Hub

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