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nightmarish comedy for horrible people

Back in the nineties, ventriloquism was bigger than the Spice Girls and Princess Diana put together... remember that, right? Of course you do. It definitely happened. 

When beloved British ventriloquist Keith Flapp was found murdered in his West End dressing room in 1999, it devastated the nation.

Today, a documentary filmmaker tries to solve the case... but wait: does everyone she's interviewing have a motive?


And... has the killer returned to bump off anyone who might incriminate them?

In this unique spin on a classic whodunnit, a true crime documentary is our equivalent of the country manor, or the sun-drenched island, or the fancy train...

It's a 'contained space' where all our suspects are gathered, individually yet together, as filmmaker Esther Farrago takes the role of Benoit Blanc or Hercule Poirot, slowly unravelling the mystery.


But will she identify the killer before all her interviewees get gruesomely murdered?

Following our successful Kickstarter campaign, MURDER FOR DUMMIES is in production now, and scheduled for release in 2024.

Sketches & Shorts (all horrid)

written by James Hamilton | directed by J.W. Roberts | starring Casual Violence (and our silliest friends)

Bear Hugs
Snowboy's Christmas Wish
How To Put In Your Contact Lenses
Horror Short Film “The Grot in the Grotto” | ALTER | Warped Wednesday
Gruel Intro Video
Brum - Reboot Trailer (4K)

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